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About Studio Yuen Fong


To make Hong Kong a better place to live.



  1. Improve the quality, coverage, and functionality of greenery;

  2. Link up people such as minorities, elderlies, carers, disables and more;

  3. Create social capital.

Our Story


There is one Chinese philosophy: "天人合一".

From my perspective, it suggests "harmony between human and nature".


We have been struggling to live with and against natural power since history. However, people find out that we need our intimate neighbour on this planet, more than we have expected.


There is a story behind our name:

Yuen (園) illustrates vegetations in a fence.

Fong (芳) means the fragrance of flowers and grass.


The 2 words were found in the name of my family members. The studio's name manifest how much we like our nature unconsciously!


In SYF, we believe a balance between urbanization and conservation is the way to our inner peace.


Find out more about our service at Garden Design and Horticultural Therapy.


Alice Yuen

August 2018

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