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Horticultural Therapy

What's Horticultural Therapy?

Horticultural therapy (HT) is a profession that uses gardening practices in healthcare and human service programmes.


To differ from gardening and farming activities, Horticultural Therapy is a designed set of treatments that make use of the healing power of plants through horticultural activities in order to bring physical and mental benefits to people in need.


How does it work?

Under the guidance of a well trained horticultural therapist, the clients will achieve predetermined therapeutic goals through actual contact and use of horticultural materials. The aims of each action were tailormade and adjusted for each client. Such therapeutic goals include: relieving stress, rejuvenating the mind, promoting social, emotional, small muscle training, cognitive training, attention restoration, mental health and more.


Each horticultural therapy session requires a preliminary assessment. We need to speak with their carers or the clients themselves and consider the treatment and fee. Please contact SYF for a quotation.


Who will come?


All of our therapists must present a Registered Horticultural Therapist (RHT) status from Hong Kong Association of Horticultural Therapy. You may click here to check the status of your RHT on the official website.

To enhance the safety of our clients, you may demand a therapist who holds a valid First Aid Certificate, and/or a SCRC .

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