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園藝治療小組 │ Group Horticultural Therapy

HT program designed for schools, care centers, wards, dormitories etc.

  • 1 h
  • Starting at HK$1000
  • At Customer's Place

Service Description

園藝治療小組能夠服務較為廣泛的人士,參加者得以跟他人互動,從中獲得支持和動力,同時感受植物的身心療效,特別適合需要促進社交、舒緩情緒和面對挑戰的人群。 Horticultural Therapy Group may bring extra benefits than going solo. Not only the plants that are healing, group dynamics help to push the effect of the therapy to a new height. Teamworks facilitate communication, and will satisfy our social needs in the end. Group therapy is capable to employ more variety of settings and act in larger scale. Contact us for a free HT consultation to start!

Contact Details

+ 852 90420212

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